Lucky stories


I was about two years old, when I was found lost in Kaunas Darbėnai St. Since i was very small in built, they named me Mukas, like that dwarf. I am a realist, i‘m not perfect . That day I was horribly dirty, but the folks from 2Samoyed club of Lithuania washed, combed me and, to my surprise, I liked the way  I looked. They found me a new family, the kind of family every dog dreams about. At first, I was quite worried, that they would leave me because of my imperfections, but those feeling were left in the past. Now I spend my time by having fun and enjoying every day.



I was found on January 4th wandering the Vandžogala highway. Not wanting 1to just leave me in the street, the ones who found me took me to an animal shelter. But… its was lonely. The good people of the Samoyeds club of Lithuania took me out of “Nuara”. I don’t know, how old I am since I haven’t been counting. From the looks of it, they guessed that I may be four years old. They named me Madam , it seems, that I was  a little chubby back then. They complemented me for being friendly, affectionate and started searching formy new home.

AND THEY FOUND IT! They found the best home for me! My new mother, Maria, called me Moli and helped me to get back my flawless figure. By losing pounds, I’ve also regained my youth, now I feel like a teenager.

To be continued…


I am Roy, a real adventurer of Užupis.  A lot of times I have wandered around3 my district, looking for a hair salon.  Well, I haven’t found one, but I was in luck – during my search for that darn hair salon, I‘ve made great friends from Samoyeds club of Lithuania. They showed me a great hair salon! I am going to visit it frequently so I could enjoy myself. So there, if you are ever in a need for a psychologist, a trainer, a hair stylist, a general practitioner, a tasty bite or just a buddy for walks – contact the clubs gang:  they will give advice, comfort you and get you a discount, if you want it too.




Everything went down like this: I went out typically to gather mushrooms – its ceps season. And something happened, what usually occurs to seniors: I got disoriented. Well, what did you expect? It’s my ninth years on this planet. And that’s how, without any desire, I wound up in “Nuaras”. I was lucky, since I 4only been there for a short while. True, the word “lucky” maybe have been used in a relative term. From “Nuaras” I was given to the members of Samoyeds club of Lithuania care and they decided to wash me. I tried to resist, I swear! I yelled: “What are you doing? I don’t need those manicures, pedicures and brushings!” They didn’t listen… For two days they have brushed, pampered and bloated me. In their yard, it was snowing with my grey fluff… I was scared, that my family wouldn’t recognize me by saying: “Hey, NO, we never seen this one in our life’s, take him back”… But they did and they even liked it. I looked around myself and thought that I was looking pretty good. I must admit – I got younger. I have a desire to take up dancing. The youth has returned. My owners were glad and promised me to “doll me up” more frequently so I wouldn’t lose the motivation.