Hiking calendar

LSC organized tours:
All Samoyeds lovers are invited

2013-10-05 the tour of Neris Regional Park, Dūkšta stream cognitive footpath.
TIME: 11 val.
ITINERARY: about 2-5 km trought the picturesque places. The track is curvy, mountainous places are steps. Climb up into mounds, which offers fabulous views, in one place will have to cross the stream to wade or move fallen trees. The biggest joy of dogs will be marching along the river segment length (where they are not only to freshen up, but wade, the creek is not deep). Maps and more info here:  http://neriesparkas.lt/?id=65&l=1
OWN: pet, snacks and drinks.
Who wants to go to the location of the Vilnius together, we choose 10 hours Mall IKI lot in front of the restaurant “Kinų smuklė”
(Ukmergės g. 2A, http://www.maps.lt/map/default.aspx?lang=lt#obj=580146;6065785;Pa%C5%BEym%C4%97tas%20ta%C5%A1kas;&xy=580282,6065794&z=2000&lrs=vector,stops,zebra,vector_2_5d )
All invited!
P.S. if necessary, the date, time, and location can still be adjusted. Therefore, in some other preferences please have your say forum, a meeting topic.

2013-07-06 hike on Panemune (more photos on FB).
TIME: 11 val. at Raudonės castle.
ITINERARY: Raudonės castle, Veliuona 11km (visiting Raudonės castle and park, Veliuona mansion and park, Veliuona mounds, Veliuona edge museums and other objects on the willingness and ability)
pet, snacks and drinks.

All invited!

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2013-07-13 hike on Baltic beach (more photos on FB).
TIME: 18:00 ceach at “Žilvitis” camp (map).
ITINERARY: hike the Baltic coast, from “Žilvitis” to north, toward Nemirseta. Marched about 5 km going to do a picnic, to the extent possible the beach ring, so manually take show leash, and if you do not – we will lend 😉
OWN: pet, show leash (optional), snacks and drinks, bags for excrements.

All invited!

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