Grooming Your Samoyed

Samoyeds have coat with undercoat: the outer coat is longer (branched) and the undercoat is soft and dense, just like wool. Usually females have hair with a little softer texture than the males. Samoyeds throw some of their fur consistently, but seasonal moult can make you feel like in a snowstorm.

Samoyed is a very cute and adorable breed, but it might become a challenge to keep its coat constantly flawless. Therefore, some rules hould be followed when taking care of Samoyed coat.

After bringing your Samoyed puppy home, combing should be included between the daily games – it will help to create a friendship between you and your dog, and a baby Samoyed will get used to these beauty treatments. Regular brushing of Samoyed’s coat helps remove dead hair and mud. Samoyed should be well combed at least once a week. It will prevent matted coat and help maintain the it neat. During moult, the coat should be combed more often.

This is an example of a comb, which is used to brush the undercoat or for daily brushing. However, this comb isn’t right for brushing matted coat – you can easily damage the hair, especially when brushing matted coat.



The best comb for daily brushing and taking care of matted coat should look like this:



During the moult,  the best brush is the so called “rake“. It easily combs dead hair. Furminator shouln’t be used for Samoyed’s coat – this type of comb doesn’t brush hair, but it cuts out the undercoat and is completely inappropriate for Samoyed’s coat.



Some cosmetics can be used to make it easier to comb the coat. For example, Chris Christensen Ice on Ice or Plush Puppy Seabreeze oil are suitable for that.

Another important part of Samoyed’s coat care – bathing. It is recommended to bathe your puppy only after 14 days past the last vaccination. Samoyeds do not need to be bathed often, but it is recommended to bathe the dog at least 2-3 times a year. Samoyeds have to be properly prepared for dog shows, so it should be bathed before each show.

It is very important to choose the right shampoo for your dog and its coat. There are lots of various professional dogs cosmetics: „Plush Puppy“, „K9“, „Pure Paws“, „Dog Generation“, „Chris Christensen“, „Pet‘s show hairdresser“ and other.

If you desire your Samoyed’s coat to be really white, whitening shampoo, such as the Plush Puppy Herbal Whitening Shampoo, Chris Christensen White on White, etc. should be used. However, keep in mind that whitening shampoos often dry the coat, so they should be used rationally. If the coat needs some volume, use the volume-enhancing shampoo, such as the Plush Puppy Natural Body Building Shampoo, Dog Generation Volumizing Shampoo and others. To make coat both whiter and to give it extra volume, you can mix both shampoos when bathing your dog.

If you only want to remove mud form Samoyed’s coat, it’s enough to bath him using soft, high quality shampoo, which does not irritate the skin. For this purpose, such shampoos as K9 Aloe Vera Shampoo are suitable.

When preparing Samoyed’s coat for show, volumising conditioner can be also used. They come in several types: washed out (need to leave for a few minutes and rinse out), leave-in (add conditioner to wet coat and leave) or sprays (spray on wet coat before drying). We recommend such sprays as Dog Generation Volume Beauty Expo, PSH Body & Hair Voluminator or similar coat sprays resulting in higher volume.

It takes a while for Samoyed’s coat to dry, so owners of these dogs often use special hair-dryers. The coats should be dried opposite the hair growth direction, starting from paws, and little by little going to the front and finishing up by drying the head. The coat should be dried thoroughly to avoid wet parts.



However, it isvery  important to note that appearance of the dog depends not only on grooming, but also on many other factors – nutrition, growth conditions, etc. It is necessary to ensure a balanced diet to keep Samoyed’s coat healthy and shiny., You can also use a variety of natural supplements that help to maintain healthy skin and a shiny coat – fish oils, seaweed (do not overdose as it can affect pigmentation), brewer’s yeast, and so on. These are particularly recommended to be uses during the moult as such supplements help to get rid of old hair and quickens the growth of a new coat. Special supplements for skin and coat as Happy Dog HaarSpezial or natural oil blend Yumega Dog are also widely used.