bendraKennel “Klajoklių šuo”

„Klajoklių šuo“ kennel was established in 2009. Since then it‘s the member of Lithuanian Kennel Club, FCI, Slovakian Samoyed Club and Lithuanian Samoyed club. The main purpose of the kennel is to breed puppies with good temperament, great health and excellent look. We carefully and responsibly think about every step in our breeding plans and only after discussions we make decisions. Our dogs participate in shows very often and they become finalists in lots of competitions. We think that great results are because of all the hard work and efforts. One of our dogs – Dunis is working at schools with children; he has passed several tests so we can count on him. We put lots of efforts while introducing puppies with noises, surroundings and other people. It is essential for a good family puppy. We have several rules about the new owners. Usually we prefer that the future owner talk about himself; about his lifestyle and etc. We can make a picture about him and decide whether Samoyed suit for him or not. New owners should come to our home, see our grownups and puppies. It’s essential for us to communicate, share experience and learn something new. That’s the only way to avoid bad decisions.

mazoji lokeKennel “Mažoji lokė”

Kennel was established in 2012 and is an active member of Lithuanian Samoyed Club. Kennel  dogs participate in national and international dog shows in Lithuania and abroad, takes part ir various social activities and co-operates with kennels Klajokliu Suo and Smiling Miracle.

Breeder Nomeda Bausiene gives a lot of information and support to prospect puppy owners and  takes part in educational activities with Lithuanian Samoyed Club, likes to keep contact with puppies and owners bred in her kennel. One of her long term aims is to become a judge for dog shows.

Puppies available only with contracts in kennel Mazoji Loke

Pajurio_zvaigzdeKennel “Pajūrio žvaigždė”

Kennel established in 2010 and is a member of Lithuanian Samoyed Club. Dogs live together with family and are true family members. From time to time dogs take part in beauty competitions.

Breed lovers and prospect puppy owners are always welcome at breeder’s Liuda Lescenia home. She chooses very carefully owners of her puppies and will not give puppy to a home if the puppy will live in kennels or if puppy is bought as a gift.


Kennel “Penktas Elementas”

Kennel “Penktas Elementas” was registered in 2013. The main purpose of the kennel is to breed healthy english type Samoyeds, showing excelent results not only in shows but also in sports.
Dog behaviour specialist, breeders wife, works wit every puppy born in the kennel. Kennel can consult everyone who wants a Samoyed or needs some tips about behaviour, obedience or RAW feeding.
Today kennel has two dogs female Belyi Volk My Maya and her son Penktas Elementas SW Come To The Dark Side.
Born To run and love!


Kennel “Belie of Belyaev” Estonia

Our kennel is quite young, it was founded in March 2011. Now there are three dogs. Samoyed Lumeingel Väike Merineitsi – Meli. We visit and participate in many dog shows and practice obediens. Her daughter Belie of Belyaev Lilac Violet – Ronya, male Kjeborg’s Thunderstorm – Thor and Maremma and Abruzzes Sheepdog Italia Della Perla Maremmana – Ita. We also visited with her a lot of dog shows.
Our dogs are part of our family. Their health, good physical development and also development of the quality of breed are the main aim of kennel Belie of Belyaev


Kennel “Arkties šypsena“

Samoyed kennel “Arkties šypsena“(„Arctic smile”)registered at FCI in 2014m. The kennelis a member of the Lithuania Samoyed Club. Relationship with this wonderful breed began five years ago,when Klajoklių Šuo Azaras came to our family. His gaze was so innocent, character was unique and his smile-so amazing that it captured our hearts.And when samoyed bitch Klajoklių Šuo Eden Glory of Cruise- came to our family and into our hearts, it became clear that the samoyed-are part of our lives.  They are the members of our family, our joy and happiness.Unforgettable moments –when it meets you, sees you off, stays with you, seeing the samoyeds smile. Forgave the mall their”very funny”  jokes… Whether its raining or snowing, we still run with them into the woods, then spend the evening working up their obedience… We know that nothing comes easy. That’s why the time spent seeking knowledge and with practical workwith dogs-is a part of our life. Breeding is planned with a vision and objectives, not forgetting the origins of the breed and its purpose. Good health, great temperament, excellent standards or responding to the exterior is our aim. Today we can not imagine our lives without our samoyeds smile. And we want to share this smile with everyone.